Monday, June 21, 2010

25 years in jail for touching Quran before washing hands

In march it was reported in Pakistan, that a husband and wife were jailed for 25 years for touching Islam's holy book without washing their hands

According to the reports from CLAAS, Munir Masih and Ruqqiya Bibi were accused of touching a Quran without washing their hands. They were convicted of "contaminating" the Quran when they touched it.
The Center for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement, which fights for the rights of the poor and marginalized in Pakistan, said the incident dated back to late 2008 when the accusations unleashed the fury of Islamic extremists. Local stories then suggested that police were paid to discover additional evidence that would be used to convict the couple.

Munir Masih was locked up in Kasur's district prison, and his wife went to the women's prison in Multan upon conviction.
Currently their convictions are being appealed to the Lahore High Court, officials said.

Christians in Pakistan say Islamic laws regarding the Quran and blasphemy routinely are used to harass members of other faiths. Tahir Naveed Chaudhary, aChristian member of Punjab's legislative assembly, reported such accusations are used to settle personal grudges against Christians.

If I say that as a Christian, I don't believe Muhammad is a prophet of the Most High God, the state of Pakistan is saying that I should be killed. The  penal code in Pakistanis goes quite literally against the United Nations Charter of Human Rights which says all people should have freedom of religious expression.

The U. S. State Department issued a 2008 report critical of Pakistan's human rights record.

According to a statement from the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Pakistan also has been debating the adoption of full Islamic law and  is thereby becoming a "human rights cesspool." 

The European Center for Law and Justice is urging the U.N. to call on Pakistan to prosecute the perpetrators of attacks that have killed at least 60 Christians in recent years.

May the Lord add a blessing to the life of those who sincerely follow Christ. Who keep His law & testimony...
Isaiah 8:20


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